The temporary car park is on the site where the Railway Hotel pub once stood.

The temporary car park at the site of the former Railway Hotel pub on Station Road has been granted permission by Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council to continue for a further 3 years.

The Railway Hotel pub was demolished in March 2010. The site has been granted planning permission for housing. The car park at the neighbouring train station is often reported as being full.

In granting approval for a further 3 years as use as a privately-run car park, the borough council cited:

  1. The car park would not provide an over provision of car parking;
  2. The development would not cause any harm to the visual amenity of the area;
  3. The development would not have a detrimental impact on highways safety;
  4. The proposed development would not result in undue noise, distrubance or loss of privacy to neighbouring amenities.

Cllr Keith Watts said,

I think that was the obvious decision to make in the circumstances.  The alternative would be a vacant, neglected site.  I left it to the Planning Officers to decide. The Council can’t make people build houses.  The only options in this case were to keep the car park open or leave the site as it is with no cars parked.


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A sign outside the train station says their car park is full.

In their report, the Council’s planning officers stated that whether or not the temporary car park encourages people from outside of the town to drive to the station is not of ‘material’ consideration to the decision  The officers made no comment on the question of alternative parking on Newbury Road nor about improving safety of the intersection at Station Road and Newbury Road.

The council did not require the developer to make a contribution towards the Basingstoke Environmental Strategy for Transport (BEST).

In November 2012, Sir George Young MP revealed plans are being discussed for another industrial estate north of the train station which could also include another station car park – see our article on that HERE. The planning officers stated that a northern site is ‘unlikely’ in the immediate future because the ‘allocation for a car park has yet to come forward’.

The decision notice and other planning application documents for the privately-run temporary car park are HERE.

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