The following has appeared (Tuesday 15th October) on the Testbourne Community School website:

Industrial Action ~ Thursday 17th October 2013

Due to teacher action, we are forced to restrict opening to only all Year 7 students and invited Year 11 students needing to complete ICT coursework.
Invitations to Year 11 students will be distributed on Wednesday.

Testbourne’s website is here: HERE

School Office: 01256 892061

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) says the strike is for:

Pay – no to dismantling the national pay system
Conditions – no to attacks on conditions – Michael Gove wants a longer school day and year
Pensions – no to working longer, paying more and getting less

Comments (2)

  • Tina

    This strike is disgusting and wholly selfish. This school had the nerve the write to me to say that my sons attendance is 94%. So they strike and also have an inset day next Wednesday.
    My son is in year 10 and has started his bacaloreat. He is going to miss a vital day of course work and he’s worried about the effect it’s going to have on his achievements.
    Work conditions in the NHS and pay within the NHS are far worse. I do not know anyone who would strike. Because we care for our patients and their relatives.
    These teachers taking part are, in my opinion selfish. Never mind the children affected as long as they are ok.
    There are better ways to get what you want that does not hurt children’s education.

  • Penny

    Tina, you’re completely right. I think it’s important that the teachers realise that what they see as ‘rights’ are anachronistic vs the real world, and they don’t have support of parents.

    This is just over being asked to work a full day – imagine the outcry when / if we dare to demand to sack poor performers!

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