Tesco Express is on Winchester St opposite the Silk Mill.

Tesco has been granted permission to install an external ATM.

Once installed, the cash machine will be accessible 24 hours a day. Late last year, HSBC removed its ATM from the town hall forecourt which left Whitchurch residents and visitors without a way of taking out cash anytime of day or night.

The ATM will be in the car park, and that has necessitated a reworking of its layout.

The external ATM will be installed where the disabled parking bay is now.

The approval is conditional on Tesco installing ‘secure cycle parking facilities’ in order to “discourage the use of private car wherever possible”, according to Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council. It had been hoped they could be located in a prominent location at the front of the shop, but vehicle turning areas would be impacted, noted the planning officer.

There will be on-site parking for 7 vehicles, including 1 disabled bay, with room available for turning, loading and unloading. This is one less parking space than now. The planning officer stated in their report that Tesco undertook a parking survey in March 2011 and concluded that “the loss of a single parking space would not exacerbate the existing situation”. They included the nearby on-street parking in the survey; and did not witness any driver parking on the single or double yellow lines.

HSBC ATM ripped out, leaving a hole in the wall at the Town Hall

The HSBC 'hole in the wall' in September, 2011.

There will be galvanised steel bollards installed around the cash machine. It is not yet known if Tesco will agree to have them decorated as part of the town’s community art project. The B&DBC planning officer noted that this would be “desirable” but cannot be made a planning requirement.

The approved planning application is BDB/74609; The officer’s report is HERE.

Info about the bollard decoration scheme is at WHITCHURCH BOLLARDS. The community attempt at saving the HSBC bank and ATM is archived at SAVE WHITCHURCH BANK.

The bicycle rack is simple hoops 1200mm (w) x 750mm (d) x 900mm (h) with 45mm diameter tubing. The steel bollards are expected to be 1m high with diameter of 144mm.

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  • Steve Wright

    “and did not witness any driver parking on the single or double yellow lines.”

    I think I see that happen virtually every day…

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