There have been reports of “young men purporting to be from the Prison Release System, from Hartlepool, selling stuff from rucksacks!”. They have been seen in several areas of the town.

These are often known as Nottingham Knockers and try to sell very cheap poor quality goods.

In Whitchurch they have been reported on Wednesday (7th Feb) throughout the town with specific reports from in Micheldever Road, Test Road, Kings Walk, Test Mews, Newbury Street, Hartley Meadow, Hillside, Winchester Road….

Police logo smThe Police say:

Nottingham Knockers are usually young men who go door to door, selling household products. They are dropped off early in the morning in a particular location by a large van and are then transported around that area throughout the day until approx 2100hrs.
They will offer to show you ID which will likely be ‘Hawkers Work Creation’ and say they have just been released from prison. This company does not actually exist and is purely a laminated piece of card with their picture on. They will be carrying a large holdall style bag which contains various household items at high prices and will try and hard sell to make more money. They will also tell you about how they are trying to make a better life.

Police advise:

Whenever you get an unexpected knock on the door, please check to see who is on the other side of your door before opening it. Either look through a side window, look through a spy hole, or simply ask out loud who it is. If you do not know them, establish who they are and what they are there for before you open the door.
Please remember if the cold caller sales are unsuccessful, they are unlikely to return in future.

If you do experience any verbal abuse and feel intimidated by the person, please call 101 and tell the police what was said, and a description of the person.