We have some news on the act described as “despicable” at a river location on the edge of town.
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The River Test today.

It had been alleged that swans eggs in a nest at a location on the edge of Whitchurch had been removed and discarded.

Our information is that the case is in the hands of the Police and that statements have been taken in a move towards a possible prosecution.

Whether the case reaches court would be up to the Crown Prosecution Service. Swans are a protected species and to take or damage eggs is a criminal offence.

Note that these are not the eggs which have been at Great Town Bridge, where three cygnets have recently been born.

Other offences?
Meanwhile we also hear that there have been other possible ‘countryside’ offences with a number of fences cut down causing problems to livestock.

Should anyone have any knowledge of such actions they should report it immediately.

Please call the Police on: 101, or in an emergency, 999

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  • Justine Lucas

    I heard that the partner swan to the one near the silk mill was taken away,does anyone know if will he be coming back?

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