The ‘official’ Whitchurch town website (yes, this one) has found itself being listed as ‘”suspicious” by Hampshire County Council and blocked to some users.

Ironically the creation of the site was funded in part by HCC along with the support of Basingstoke & Deane, Whitchurch Town Council and SEEDA (the South East England Development Association).

It is owned wholly by the ‘people of Whitchurch’ and is overseen by local volunteers accountable to the local registered charity, the Whitchurch Association, and regularly gains over 1000 visits per day.

So why is it “Suspicious”?

This ‘block’ seemed to occur after an event was covered as a News item “Adult entertainment to come to Whitchurch” – an event that has also been listed in the local church’s Parish Magazine.

This related to entertainment evenings at the Social Club, billed as Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ evenings.
Although we cannot be certain whether the reporting of these events caused the block, people visiting the site on certain public computers, such as at the local Library, found themselves denied access.

The telephone number in the news item is a mobile and when called, just a recorded message was received.

As soon as possible the volunteers managing the site will be in touch with Hampshire County Council to ensure everyone has access to the Community site.

It has been questioned by some whether the ‘block’ has any link to Prime Minister David Cameron’s announcements this week that certain less savoury internet items will be locked.


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  • Craig

    well thats not surprising it is the library so must have parental controls aswell as other public computers. And as we are all being dragged into the censorship age, where freedom of speech and anything which kills free will is unacceptable.

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