A local businessman has expressed a strongly worded alternative viewpoint to those who are campaigning to prevent the demolition of the Harvest Home, before any planning permission has been submitted for an alternative use.

He rightly claims that the official town website:
“has a responsibility to represent also the views of those who would be glad to see the back of the Pub.”

This site is pleased to report his views.

Lives blighted by the evils of drink…
He goes on to claim that:

“there must be many who live in Winchester St. who feel this way as well as those whose lives have been blighted by the evils of drink and the reverence the English Pub has enjoyed over many years in that destructive process.”

Need for Housing…
Furthermore, he states that he believes that there are over 100 people in Whitchurch on the Housing List and that “this should be highlighted in relation to any discussion on Development of the site.”

Protection of the building…
At the moment the campaign is only concerned about the protection of the building as there has not been any planning application for housing submitted, although many do expect one to be forthcoming.

A public meeting is being arranged for Wednesday in the Gill Nethercott Centre at 7.45pm for 8.00pm. The meeting is to be focussed on the character and history of Whitchurch.
Details are HERE.