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Local complementary therapist, Elizabeth Baldwin, has now returned from her 2 weeks of voluntary work in Sarajevo. Elizabeth went with the Healing Hands Network to work with the war victims there, aiding them with reiki and reflexology treatments.

Challenging in many ways…

“The experience was both emotionally and physically challenging for all the therapists”, says Elizabeth.
“We treated up to 7 clients a day who survived one of the bloodiest conflicts in recent history, hearing each of their stories and how the war affected them. Our clients included numerous concentration camp victims, who were beaten, tortured and crippled. We treated civil war victims, who had the scars from gunshot wounds, still had shrapnel in their bodies, or were amputees that had lost limbs to snipers or grenades.
We also met and treated the women who had been in “house arrest”, meaning they were repeatedly raped, often in front of family members; they were aged from 8 years old to 76 years old at the time. Their stories made you realise just how lucky we are to live in England and that we have not had to experience such horrendous crimes first hand. It is hard to comprehend how humans can treat each other in such a way”.

The bright side…
There was also a bright side to her stay in Bosnia: “The clients there are so grateful for the work we do. Once I had finished a treatment, I was often thanked with many hugs, kisses, and even several marriage proposals!”

Many thanks…
Elizabeth would like to thank those that sponsored her earlier this year to complete a walk and bicycle ride of the Test Way. These individuals made it possible for her to go to Bosnia. She would also like to pass on the heartfelt thanks of each and every client that she treated; they all felt the love and support from you too.

How to provide support…

Elizabeth is continuing to raise funds for the Healing Hands Network.

If you would like to support her and her charity, please email ELIZABETH

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