Public sector workers have voted to strike over changes to public sector pensions on 30 June.

In Whitchurch, there has been concern about whether the schools will be open. In short: yes, they are to be open as usual.

A message received from the Primary School on Sunday afternoon stated:

Please note all classes will be open on Thursday 30th June and children should attend school as normal.

The Testbourne website states:

Testbourne School will NOT be affected by the industrial action being taken next Thursday 30th June and will be open for lessons as normal.

Earlier, Hampshire County Council issued a press release (HERE) which stated in part,

It is difficult to predict the exact nature of the impact of industrial action on Hampshire schools as staff do not have to advise headteachers of their intention to strike until the day itself.

However, the County Council has been advised by the unions that around 41% of the school teaching workforce in Hampshire County Council schools belong to the unions. It is therefore anticipated that there could be significant disruption across Hampshire’s schools if union members decide to strike.