Bob with Andover Advertiser article from Oct 1990 when he opened Street Video.

Bob Flaherty, proprietor of Street Video, has decided to close shop after 20 years in the rental film business. Whilst the business was ‘ticking over’, health issues and a desire to spend more time with his wife have prompted the decision to close up.

Andover Advertiser article from October 1990.

Bob opened Street Video in 1991, when VHS cassette was all the rage. Since then the shift to DVD, then services like Lovefilm and Sky+ have seen a slow decline in the market for film rentals, however he says that weekends were still busy.

Who ate the grapes?

The premises used to be a pub called The Grapes, which was run by Bob’s Great-Grandparents until the 1930’s. The hanger for the sign is still visible above the shop – but the sign itself (a bunch of grapes!) has gone missing over the years (contact us if you know where it is).

Street video was open 2-9pm, 7 days a week, quite a commitment for a husband and wife team. While the business was a going concern, Bob did not want the hassle of finding a new owner so all stock must go. All DVD’s are for sale, and he will be open 2-9pm for the next few weeks until they are all gone. If you fancy a bargain DVD be in quick: £2.50 each, 3 for £6, new releases £5.

London Street looking east at Red House, with The Grapes pub on the left.

Bob intends to use his newly created free time to enjoy a well-earned holiday in western Canada in the coming weeks.

Happy Retirement, Bob!

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