Whitchurch is no.1 on BT's Scorecard

Whitchurch has reached top spot in the UK, in BT’s “Race To Infinity” for faster Internet broadband, thanks to incredible community cooperation, and some spirited planning at the broadband party held yesterday evening in the White Hart!

Whitchurch nabbed the top-spot even though the competition doesn’t end until midnight December 31. Numerous local residents gave up their holiday time to knock on doors around town in order to find people who had yet to vote. Due to a quirk of the voting system, and knowledge that not yet everyone in town had voted, the campaign team and door knockers are planning to collect and register votes right up to the deadline. It truly has become a race to ‘infinity’.

Every business and household gets a vote, which merely indicates to BT their desire for the telephone exchange to be upgraded to support super-fast fibre-optic Internet speeds.

One of the top-5 finishers in the race will also win £5000 of computer equipment for a community project to be decided later.

Click to listen to the radio interview. ©BBC

One of the leaders of the ‘Faster Whitchurch’ campaign team, Andrew Reeves-Hall, was interviewed today on BBC Radio Solent discussing the campaign’s progress and what it means to the community – click HERE to listen.

The Faster Whitchurch campaign website is HERE.