Whitchurch station sign smRail users at Whitchurch have been patient in waiting for upgrades and improvements to the service. Trains are often delayed, cancelled and disrupted despite promises for improvements on the way. Commuters also make regular calls for improvements to the car park provision with local roads and parking spaces being filled up to capacity.

And now at least some of work is to start – or is it?

Are long-suffering commuters who use the car park to at last see some improvements?

Local premises have been receiving letters from Network Rail stating that as part of their “Railway Upgrade Plan we will soon be carrying out resurfacing works to the car park at Whitchurch Station”.

Network Rail say that approximately half the car park is to be closed off from Monday 26th November to allow for site preparation.
The works will start on Saturday 8th December.
They do not say how long the works will take.

B… B… Bu… Bu… But… BUT…

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But there is something amiss here. Really?

The picture in the Letter is of Whitchurch in SHROPSHIRE.
And the Letter comes from Cardiff, where there is another WHITCHURCH station.

Quick investigations discover that works are indeed to take place, but NOT at WHITCHURCH HAMPSHIRE.

Maybe the good people in Shropshire have been receiving letters telling them when the services in OUR Whitchurch will be upgraded.
We can only hope.

Might Network Rail or South Western Railway like to comment?