Kevin Durant, the station master at the town’s railway station, has added some flair to the platforms and waiting room.

On Saturday, he and his wife, Kay, placed several planter boxes filled with Hydrangers around the station to bring some colour to the otherwise dull tarmac. And inside the waiting room, Kev commisioned a hand-built bookcase with a table on top. Earlier, Kev put up photographs of the train station from centuries gone by; and he is amassing a fine collection of railway paraphernalia, which he puts on the mantle-piece in the ticket office

Rail users are encouraged to ‘bring-a-book / take-a-book’ from the new bookcase; or just to return ones borrowed so others can benefit. Donations are also welcome.

The table on top of the bookshelf currently has a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of Waterloo station. Feel free to put a few pieces in while waiting for your train! Parents – please keep your little ones’ hands away, lest the puzzle is left with a missing piece!

Kev said, “The main aims for providing Whitchurch Railway Station with the new additions are to give the passengers a pleasant experience whilst they wait for their trains, and for the passengers who alight to have a great first impression of our beautiful town.”

He continued, “Also, I am hoping the station can win the SWT ‘Station Pride Award’, who knows, maybe even the national award!”

The key to helping secure the award is keeping the station tidy, Kev told us. There are bins around the station in which litter can be put.

Separately, the planning applications to widen the underpasses along the track so that larger freight trains can pass have been approved by B&DBC (technically, they ‘raised no objection’). Later, the roof of the waiting room may have to be removed and a smaller one put in its place in order to permit these bigger trains to pass.