Local public toilets have come under threat as local authorities try and cut costs.

Last autumn Basingstoke & Deane announced that £160,000 was spent on staff and maintenance for the 11 community toilets in the Borough and that it was looking at ways to reduce this.
Ideas discussed included giving businesses such as pubs or cafés funds to allow use of their facilities by passers-by – or closing them completely.

The Bell Street car park conveniences.

Should the Town Council run the loos?
One option was to pass the control to local councils, including those in Bell Street Car Park, Whitchurch.

Whitchurch Town Council has now been asked to give their opinion as to whether it would consider taking on the management and upkeep of the toilets in Bell Street Car Park, on terms and conditions to be agreed.

What do you think?
The Town Council now wants to know what people think, saying:

We look forward to hearing from residents and visitors on the future of public conveniences in Whitchurch, do we keep them or do they go ?
Can you please give us your views both from a personal and from a visitor viewpoint.

Comments can be left here or on the Town Council’s Contact Form

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  • Mrs Tina Hills

    I think the toilets should stay where can we go if we need a toilet, pubs want allow you to use theirs as they are not a public loo, what about little kids that need to go if the toilets go children would have to pee wherever they can so we would see more peein where they should not behind bushes etc, and from a visitors view whithchurch would lose alot of them due to not havin public loos sorry this is a stupid idea whitchurch needs them some old folk cannot make it home sometimes so they pop there before going home
    (Ed.note: Converted from all upper-case to ease readability)

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