Community Speed Watch smFunding is now in place for the Whitchurch Speedwatch after a successful grant application was made by the Town Council. The police have provided the £1000 grant, necessary to help purchase the equipment required.

There is now a call for volunteers to help with a local scheme.

Speedwatch has been very successful as a deterrent to drivers who break the legal speed limits. A recently commenced scheme in Overton and others around the County are reported as being very successful.
Volunteers record speeds using a SID (Speed Indicator device) and the details are sent to the police who issue warnings as appropriate.

To volunteer please contact the Town Clerks at the Town Hall.

Tel: 01256 892107

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  • bluefox

    It would be VERY useful if these volunteers were also encouraged to log and report other incidents of anti-social vehicle incidents such as pavement parkers, illegal use of disabled bays, inappropriate parking on single/double yellow lines etc.

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