Community Speed Watch smDrivers who break the speed limits in Whitchurch will soon be recorded by a local Community Speedwatch scheme.

Simon Hayes, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire visited Whitchurch and met volunteers who will be helping with the scheme.
He presented a cheque to help cover costs.


Through social media (Facebook) Simon Hayes said:

Yesterday [Wednesday] I went to Whitchurch to see the newly formed Overton and Whitchurch Speedwatch scheme in action, and to present them with a £1,000 cheque to help cover some of their set up and operational costs.

Speed sign1I have set aside £140,000 over two years from my commissioning reserve to fund and encourage the growth and development of Community Speedwatch schemes in areas across Hampshire & Isle of Wight, where speeding is an identified problem.

Community Speedwatch is a voluntary scheme sponsored by Hampshire Constabulary. Trained volunteers monitor the speed of passing motorists and for those exceeding the speed limit; an advisory letter is sent on behalf of the Constabulary to the registered keeper.

We currently have 810 volunteers managing 80 schemes across Hampshire and Isle of Wight. If you think you have a speeding problem in your neighbourhood and would be interested in setting up or volunteering to join a Speedwatch scheme, check first that there isn’t one already running in your area or neighbourhood.
If there isn’t a scheme, contact either your local police Safer Neighbourhoods officers by phoning 101 or email:

For additional information visit the Hampshire Police website:



The Facebook posting and related picture is HERE


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