Community Speed Watch smConcern over drivers speeding in Whitchurch remains high.

Traffic speed is one of the factors than can affect the quality of life in an area, and number of residents are keen to help reduce the level of speeding in the town. A recent presentation to the Town Council was well-received and now a small team of volunteers is being sought to assist in the operation of a Community SpeedWatch Scheme.

Overton already has a successful Scheme as do other villages in the area.

Recording speed
The volunteers use equipment that monitors the speed of traffic and record the details which are passed to the police. If a problem continues, enforcement against drivers may be undertaken by the Police. However, the aim of a SpeedWatch scheme is primarily education and to make places safer and more pleasant for everyone.

Just a few hours
If anyone would like to give a few hours of their time they should contact the Town Clerk at the Town Hall by calling in to the office during opening hours, telephoning 01256 892107 or by email at WHITCHURCH TOWN COUNCIL

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  • Phil

    The Council were sceptical about the level of support the scheme will attract.

    See the requests for support for the Overton scheme which has had much more publicity that the Whitchurch one.


    Edit note:
    Some of the Town Council were sceptical while others thought differently.
    Latest information is that a team is being developed so please contact the Town Hall if interested.

  • Steve

    Overton Doesn’t have a silly 20 mph speed limit so its quite easy for them to police. Even the police themselves admit that it is difficult to police a 20 mph limit cause there are time when you need to exceed this otherwise you’ll simply get nowhere, especially with the amount of on-street parking we have! Personally I think 20 mph is dangerous as it increases tailgating amongst other things, but who am I to judge.

  • Mike Stead

    Unlike Steve above, we are all for the crushing & burning of any vehicle and the public tarring/feathering of any selfish driver caught exceeding 20MPH. As are many hundreds of other parents, spouses, grandparents etc.

    Anyone who thinks this town’s narrow streets and narrower footpaths are suitable to drive at the 50%-collision-fatal speed of 30MPH should hand their licence in.

    Or move.

  • Steve

    Whitchurch born and bread so I think I’ll stay put thanks!

    As an Advanced Driver and a HGV Driver I’ve seen a few things in my time. 20MPH speed limits are fine where necessary which is not our whole town. Perfect for around schools etc but then I could go on about school run mums and their unnecessary 4×4’s.

    In my opinion what really needs addressing in our town is the extremely low standard of driving that I have witnessed on plenty of occasions, usually daily, some of these drivers must have got their licence from a Kellogg’s box.

    ‘Crushing & Burning’ ? That is exactly the attitude we don’t need when give radar equipment to any busy-body that wants a little bit of power. When Joe Blog’s (who you don’t get on with) drives passed you at 19MPH whats stopping you from writing his name down?

    How long before we all have to do 10MPH??

    • Mike Stead

      Saying we should impose a nationwide change in driver standards is a fight you may want to take to your MP. I don’t think we should make our roads more dangerous/less friendly in the meantime.

      20MPH adds a theoretical maximum *60 seconds* to the 30MPH journey from gateway to gateway – assuming you get a totally clean run, never slowing down from 30 for parked cars, pedestrians, other vehicles, etc etc.

      Which *never, ever happens*. You are always left twiddling thumbs for 10-15 seconds while oncoming traffic passes. So I posit that the 20MPH limit has not actually delayed anyone for more than a few seconds. Ever.

      Are you saying you can’t adjust your life to walk out the door just a few seconds earlier in order to give everyone a safer, calmer town?

  • Steve

    Firstly, I never said anything about Nationwide standard, I siad ‘Our Town’.

    Secondly, as I said I’m a HGV Driver! I couldn’t care less how long it takes me to get somewhere, I have a lot of patience in that respect, I think I’ve spent enough of my life stuck in traffic not to care about that.

    Thirdly, I think your missing my point, you seem more focussed on the 20MPH limit, to be perfectly honest I couldn’t care whether the speed limit is 20, 30, 40, 50 or whatever, a speed limit is a speed limit and we all have to stick to them, Simple! I don’t need to leave earlier as I don’t travel trough the 20MPH limit.

    What bothers me is giving a clipboard and a radar device to any old person that that has nothing better to do than sit on the street corner and write down innocent motorist registration numbers.

    – The guy with the loud exhaust – lets write his number down he must have been speeding
    – The posh guy in his expensive car – lets write his name down, he can afford a ticket
    – The young guy with the modified car – there obviously something wrong with his car lets take his number
    – School run mum with all the kids in the car – lets write down her number those kids looked too happy!

    I don’t honestly believe that these people who are not trained speed camera operators – or have the proper speed measuring device ( instead just a little laser thingy ) or any form of photographic evidence – don’t ever discriminate!!

    • Mike Stead

      Wow Steve, that’s a big call – you are saying that police-vetted & approved Community Speedwatch volunteers are prepared to perjure themselves. Got any proof to back up this allegation? Or you just don’t like the idea of ‘innocent motorists’ being held to account for their actions? Frankly your statement that locals sick of speeding motorists endangering their families and in an age of police cuts are willing to step up & make the community safer would behave like that is offensive.

      Noting CSW, as I understand, only kicks in when people ***EXCEED*** the limit by a significant amount, as displayed on the calibrated radar speed sign. And then, it’s a letter to the registered keeper.

      Although I imagine if someone was seen doing circa 55MPH as I and others witnessed on Wednesday evening outside the White Hart, that might end up with a sterner approach. But then it’s an ‘innocent motorist’. Poor chap. how was he to know that it was a 20 limit?

      And OK, so you want a new ‘standard of driving’ just for Whitchurch. Who get to administer that? You?

      I really don’t think you have though all this through.

  • Marcus Winch

    I have no problem with speed watch being set up in the centre of town, mostly where going over 20mph could be considered as a ‘low standard of driving’ (as mentioned earlier) because even if the limit was 30 like Overton, inappropriate speed is still illegal and poor driving. 20 is an appropriate speed for the centre of town, it just so happens to be the limit, and rightly so. The thing is, those that complain about 20 limits, probably ignore 30, 40, 50, 60 & 70mph too. And they have the cheek to complain about other drivers!

    The exact same people complaining about ‘little hitlers’ will complain if it was the police with a radar gun or a mobile speed trap. In all honestly, they just can’t drive properly. It’s easier to point out flaws in other drivers (and this applies to pedestrians, cyclists and even boaters) than admit your own flaws and comply themselves.

  • Steve

    I have no problem with the police doing it, I myself was offered a place on Thames Valley Police as an officer!! The police need to be doing it, especially at the top of Newbury hill across the railway bridge, people come down there at crazy speeds. I have a certain hatred towards motorist that flout the laws, I just don’t trust the ‘little Hitlers’ and that’s just my opinion.

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