Hampshire police are cracking down on motorists speeding as part of ‘Speed Enforcement Week’ a Europe wide campaign which aims to raise awareness of the problems caused by speeding.
Police will be setting out from the Whitchurch Roads Policing Unit to cut down on excessive speed, often a major factor in crashes that kill and maim.

The campaign is also supported by the Safer Roads Unit and the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams.
As well as cracking down on those who speed there will be education on the dangers of taking unnecessary risks by driving too fast.

From Hampshire Police:

If you hit someone at 35mph, you are twice as likely to kill them then if you struck them at 30mph. It’s a sobering fact and one of the main reasons we’re out there day in and day out targeting people who speed.
A reduction of just 1mph could save five per cent of all injury collisions.
That is reason enough to crack down on those who ignore the law.”

It must be remembered that a limit is not a target and drivers need to adjust speed to the conditions. Below 30mph speed reduction has an even more dramatic effect and Whitchurch awaits news on whether it will be selected for a 20mph pilot.

Sgt Tester of the Whitchurch Roads Policing unit said:

“Put simply, speeding on the roads puts you, your loved-ones and other road users at a greater risk of being killed or seriously injured.”

The police are not saying where they will be targetting.
Where in our area do readers of this website feel are worst affected?

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  • Mike Stead

    Everywhere. Literally. Spend 10 minutes on any of the major roads in town and you’ll see people doing 40+ MPH. Are they locals or passing through? Being at the hub of 5 major roads it’s hard to tell. But either way, the Police need to spend all day, every day out there handing out points, fines and prosecution notices, until people get the message. No whining. No excuses.

  • nikki hack

    they also need to look at the speed limits around our single track lanes too

  • Jeff Brickwell

    i’d be interested to see how many accidents are caused by speeding in and around Whitchurch, i doubt there wont be that many and more than likely nothing to do with the speed of the driver rather than their bad driving skills

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