Speeding traffic in Newbury Road is often the scene of police enforcement. There have been speed checks as well as the use of speed display signs.

One new sign has now been placed just below the Bere Hill junction in an attempt to remind drivers that they should keep within the limits. The sign states ‘Kill your speed’ and that the road is within a 30mph zone.

Speeding drivers are not only breaking the law and putting their own and their passenger’s lives at risk but can cause considerable danger to other road users, especially the more vulnerable – pedestrians and cyclists.

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  • Mike Stead

    The problem with this road is that because no-one parks there, it looks like open road. Looking forward to the Newbury bridge closure in a few days. Should make the whole place a lot quieter. Of course, it’s going to be hell down Bell St as people rat-run through the Harroway.

    All this bit of road needs is a roundabout at Station Rd/ Bere Hill, and locals have been asking for one for years. But as B&DBC don’t actually care about locals and local road safety (or pubs, or many other things) it’s not going to happen.

  • Nick

    Good news – I see alot of cars breaking the 30mph limit both up and down this stretch of Newbury Road. Should serve as a reminder to people especially as it is quite a jump going from 60mph to 30mph coming into Whitchurch on this road.


  • Keith Watts

    Mike, It’s got nothing to do with BDBC, direct your fire at HCC.

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