Speed sign1Speeding traffic in Whitchurch continues to be an issue that causes concern to many, and the police are responding with enforcement activities.

Last night the police were logging drivers exceeding the speed limit at the top of Newbury Road, one area which has received numerous complaints.

It is understood further enforcement will be taking place.

Meanwhile the police-administered Community SpeedWatch Scheme is also preparing to undertake speed checks at various locations around the town.

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  • bluefox

    WHATEVER the arguments surrounding speed limits, we must all be aware that to exceed them is a anti-social, criminal and potentially dangerous act. Any actions to monitor them MUST be welcomed the responsible majority.
    It would be logical to ask the Community Speedwatch volunteers to also photograph and report any other instances of vehicle nuisance thet they may witness during the course of their shifts. These could include motorists obstructing footpaths e.g. outside the bakers and the Winchester Street newsagents, illegal use of the town centre disabled bays, parking on single yellow lines during “daylight” hours in Newbury Street and Micheldever Road, etc. etc.

  • Firefox

    This is welcome news and not before time. All too often I’m afraid we have a minority of people exceeding the speed limit (which happens to be 30mph along most of Newbury Road) by quite a considerable margin. I agree with Bluefox on the point about speed limits i.e. whatever the limit, it is a limit for a reason. That reason, in the majority of occasions, is safety.

  • brizy

    Whilst the imposition of a 20 mph speed limit is contentious, if it is not enforced,we are wasting
    our time. I believe a traffic calming scheme would be more effective and require less involvement
    by an already overstretched constabulary. It would also not require the time of the local do gooders

  • brizy

    just check out the speeding mothers in 4×4 vehicles

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