We all know when it is just one of those days – when all doesn’t fall into place.
Yesterday was one such day.
Firstly it was raining; then the message came in that a steam train had just left Basingstoke.
The impressively restored Loco 35028, the Merchant Navy class Clan Line was steaming towards Whitchurch and we didn’t have it on our calendar!

Ready for the action
A rapid cycle up the hill in pouring rain left just ten minutes to spare – enough to pick a spot and get ready for an action photograph.
But with others around, the usual chat ensued and before we knew it, whoosh, Clan Line shot into sight, hurtled around the bend, under the new bridge, and through the station before the camera was even pulled from its case.
Impressive though!

Clan line steams through Whitchurch

Another chance
Never mind, no worries, it was returning in the evening – there would be another chance, so at 8.40pm all was ready as steam came into sight in the distance in the Andover direction.
Camera ready – or was it.
Why do cameras have to have so many settings?
As Clan Line shot through Whitchurch for the second time in the day, the result was, umm… err… a true action shot…

The next Steam Train
But its not all bad news, or is it!
The next steam train through was to be on Sunday (13th) when Tangmere 34067 was due to haul a ‘Cathedrals Express’ excursion through Whitchurch, but this has now been cancelled due to engineering works!
Yes, we did say it was on the 13th!

So, if our information is correct we will have to wait until Sunday 10th June, when the same loco, Tangmere is scheduled to take the ‘Atlantic Coast Express’ from London through Whitchurch and down to Exeter and Taunton and return.
There are no fixed timings yet, but we have fingers crossed that it won’t be another ‘one of those days’.!

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