Gusts of winds went straight into the trees on the Meadow.

Last week’s strong winds blowing from the south hit the field edge planting in Orchid Meadow and the Millennium Green meadow.

On the Millennium Green meadow’s boundary, the trees are exposed and they have simply been blown over due to the soil below being very soft; Natural forests protect themselves by having a mix of species interwoven so the wind blows over the top.


Some of the fallen trees will be cut and used to build new log circles while others will be retained as wildlife features: The knobbly Willow trunk will provide a fascinating tactile experience for visitors, particularly children.


Younger trees planted elsewhere fared better. Long-time Whitchurch residents Mavis and David Cheek celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in February 2011, and commemorated it by planting four Alder trees in the meadow at the end of December. The spacing between each tree is the distance made when the happy couple touched hands as they stood together.

Their hope is that the trees will flourish and grow as have their family with eight grandchildren and five great grandchildren.


Currently, the Millennium Meadow’s ditch is full of amazing watercress. Some people are bravely eating it but the trustees cannot recommended it due to possible legal consequences.

You can look at the watercress from the Pond Observation Platforms and take botanical specimens – so long as you tread carefully to avoid falling in!

Further info and a picture about the tree plantings on the Meadow is on its website HERE.
Click on a picture to see it larger:

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