I am the egg man… oh they are the eggmen…

A local resident thought he had scooped the jackpot when he bought half-a-dozen eggs from the Old Paper Shop. Incredibly the eggs, from Arnold’s Farm on the edge of town, all turned out to be double-value.

On reaching home, Nick O’Brien from Park View cracked one open to find it had a double yolk. The second egg had the same, then the third too!

An eggcited Nick said “At this point my wife stopped me from cracking anymore open, but the next day she cracked open the three remaining eggs and they all had double yolks.”

Nick wonders what the chances of this happening are?

Meanwhile expect a scramble to buy these eggs, as now the story’s hatched they probably won’t last long!

But just look on the sunny side, if everyone flocks to the Old Paper Shop and they run out, eggs can be bought in at least half-a-dozen other places in the town so you won’t need to shell out on a trip to Andover.

Has anyone else had the same?


Complete the following and send it with your name, telephone and email to: contact@whitchurch.org.uk and go into the basket to win a box of eggs.

The Eggman……..


Rule 1: Be as factual or as silly as you wish.

Rule 2: The eggs will need to be picked up from a local pub, to be arranged.

Rule 3: Anyone related to a chicken may not enter.

Rule 4: Any bad eggs who poach their answers may be beaten.

Rule 329: Other rules may be added for flavour.

Closing date: 16th June.