Clearing snow under the broadband banner

Teams were out early on Saturday clearing the town centre pavements after the early morning’s snow fall.
With schools closed and many community resources shut for the weekend HCC have diverted some of their resources to clearing pavements instead of side roads.
In addition volunteers were out clearing some of the pavements to places such as Mulberry Mead

Water fairie surveys the scene

Whitchurch was also pleased to receive a SALT BIN for town centre use.

Currently (midday) the buses through Whitchurch have been suspended but trains are running with possible delays.
Service updates:

Police have advised motorists to take extra care as further snow is predicted and people are advised not to travel unless absolutely necessary. Icy winds are expected to make conditions worse later today and a cold night is expected leading to potentially treacherous conditions tomorrow.

Police driving advice for motorists.
If you must travel:

1. Prepare yourself for your journey – first ask if your journey is really necessary. If it is, pack warm clothes, food, hot drinks, a fully charged mobile phone and a shovel. Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to arrive.

2. Prepare your vehicle for your journey – make sure your vehicle is well maintained, clear of snow and ice and that your tyres are at the correct pressure.

3. Drive safely – keep your distance, avoid hard braking or acceleration and steer gently. If you skid, ease off the accelerator, and try and avoid braking hard.

4. Winter sun is also extremely bright and dazzling, so always keep a pair of sunglasses in the car and on long journeys ensure you take regular breaks as tiredness can kill.

5. Be prepared for the unexpected, especially black ice.