A celebratory quarter peal was successfully rung by the bellringers at All Hallows in spite of the setback of a snapped bell rope.
Perhaps this reminds us what hard work is involved in sounding the bells.

At the service of Parish Communion that followed a fanfare composed by Arthur Bliss was played by our fine organist Robert Simpson. The vicar read the Jubilee Prayer and the congregation rose to sing the National Anthem.
The vicar’s sermon drew on an address on the Queen’s Coronation given on Trinity Sunday 1953 by his great grandfather who was then parish priest at Glynde in Sussex.
“Exactly 59 years apart”, said the vicar, “we both stand to speak of the same remarkable person – Her Majesty – one in anticipation, one in thanksgiving”.

After the service 50 parishioners enjoyed a Jubilee picnic in and around a Church Room festooned with bunting.

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