A relaxing, chilled out event.

Music rang out across Daniel Park as Whitchurch’s newest event got underway – a mix of a Community Party and a SkateFest, when over 300 people enjoyed the open space as a Jubilee celebration * as well as marking the skatepark’s refurbishment.

A chilled-out creative mix
The idea which originated out of a Whitchurch Arts gathering, soon developed into an event encompassing music, artworks, and skatepark fun and competitions, in a creative mix never before held in the town.

Emz and friends.

Led by Emz, aka Emma-Elise Sherman, the small team of young people pulled together an event that it is hoped will now become a regular on the annual calendar.

Four bands entertained.

The sun came out
Once again the weather shone on the town as the clouds dispersed in time with just one short shower before the blue skies.

Town Mayor Cllr Jackie Day commended the event, saying “It is wonderful to see this successful event organised by the young people of Whitchurch”.

Some great skills on show.

All music was local.

Skating Music, Art, and more
Four live bands accompanied the skaters, skateboarders, scooters and BMX riders who all practiced their skills for the later competitions, while ‘Charlie’ spent the whole afternoon producing a wonderful giant piece of graffiti that had a number of heads scratching as to its meaning.
We Deny, The Gentry Underground, Bless the Hour and Ceasers Way all entertained the appreciative audience, many of whom were visiting their third major Whitchurch Jubilee event of the ‘long weekend’. Meanwhile a tuck shop, burger and hot dog BBQ and drinks bar all provided the important extras.

Legendary TJ drew gasps.

The much awaited Skate-off produced the loudest cheers of the day as skates, scooters and bikes competed against each other on the recently refurbished ramps and spines.
After several heats, one of each class were left to show their best ‘tricks’ with the spectators choosing the winners.

Joe Readings took the honours.

In an exciting finale it was young Ben who took third on his scooter after some amazing jumps; second went to hardened skater TJ whose spectacular forward rolls brought out the gasps, but it was Joe Readings on his BMX with his aerial spins and high flying jumps that eventually won over the crowd and the £20 voucher.

This event clearly has a future and thoughts are already looking towards next year.

Thanks go to Whitchurch Arts, Clacys, Gerry’s Timber, Whitchurch Festival Association, The White Hart, the bands, BT for their sponsorship, the Town Council for their support, Charlie for the graffiti, Emma and the many young people who helped organise the event, and all those who came to make it such a fun, relaxed afternoon.
Again Whitchurch has a real winner!

(more photos are HERE)

Charlie completes the graffiti.

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* Note: We understand the official QEII Jubilee Field Day will be held on July 7th in conjunction with the Carnival. More details when available.

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  • Emma Sherman

    This is such a great piece! Really captures the atmosphere at the event!

    Many thanks. It was a great day – so laid back.
    Roll on next year

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