The 2013 GTSkateFest organised by Emma Elise Sherman saw many people descend onto Daniel Park, our QEII Field in Trust, for a music and skateboarding (and bicycling!) festival.

Saturday afternoon was filled with live bands playing on stage whilst people of all ages scooted around the BMX and skateboard park. The bands playing were: Momento Mori and Heaven Shall Fall acoustic sets, Outside Central, Tonight, We Fall, and We Deny.

A giant mural was painted on-site during the event and it is planned to have it displayed at an upcoming Whitchurch Arts event.

A friendly competition was held at the end of the festivities to let the audience decide who did the best tricks. The winners were Max, Lucian and Tom.

Emma said,

“The event was the result of months worth of hard work.”

Apart from the fun on the day, Emma turned it into a research project! Emma said, “The event this year was part of my third year university undergraduate research, and I was recruiting people to take part in interviews to examine the value of GTSkateFest and the benefits and drawbacks it generates for the local community. The interviews will take place within two weeks and the dissertation will be completed by March next year.”

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