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A rollerblader does a trick over the new spline.

A new spine ramp and a run-off area have been installed on the sk8 park in Daniel Park – soon to be a QEII Field – thanks to the year-long persistence of several local students working with our town and borough councillors.

Last year,  Callum Nicolson started a campaign on Facebook to build awareness of the need for maintenance and improvements to the skatepark, which he said had fallen behind other similar tracks in the Basingstoke area.

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Callum Nicholson and his friends presented a petition to the Town Council.


In December 2011, Callum and his friends Nick Hudson, Luke Cook and Joe Readings gave a presentation to the Whitchurch Town Council that called for the improvements to be made sooner than later.

The group followed that up with a presentation to Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council, the owner of the site. A petition of nearly 1000 signatures was handed over.

Several more months passed – but at last the Council installed the new equipment! Their determination to improve this popular feature of Whitchurch for the benefit of all had finally paid off.

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A biker spins over the new spline on the sk8 park.


The sk8park will be the site for a big celebration party, called ‘Grindtime’ skatefest which is coming up on Jubilee bank holiday Monday, 4 June 2012 – see details of that HERE. It is being organised by another local student, Emma Elise Sherman as well as Callum.

Remember: In the current hot weather, be sure to take plenty of fluids e.g. water bottles with you to the park when you try out the new features.

Whitchurch’s future looks bright with people like Callum and his friends taking the initiative and being persistent! Well done!

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  • fiona

    Callum nicolson is also helping Emma sherman with organization of the gt skate feast

    Ed.Note:Thank you for pointing that out, the main article has been updated with that info.

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