Sir George Young MP

Member of Parliament for Whitchurch, or more correctly the North West Hampshire Constituency has been replaced as Leader of the House of Commons.

In a cabinet shake up by Prime Minister David Cameron today, Sir George moves to the backbenches while the position is now filled by Andrew Lansley MP, formerly Health Secretary.
Sir George had held the position since the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition government took power in 2010.

Sir George regularly visits Whitchurch and supports many local events as an MP. Known as the ‘cycling baronet’ he regularly cycles locally and in London. Recently he helped with the judging of the new Whitchurch Jubilee Allotments Competition.

He published his letter to David Cameron on his website saying:

I have been fortunate enough to have been a Minister for 16 years under 3 Prime Ministers, and since my time in Cabinet as Secretary of State for Transport in 1997, many talented individuals from our Party have been elected to the House. I believe they should now be given the same chance I had to take on the challenges of government.

See the full letter HERE

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