Since the announcement that the Silk Mill had ceased weaving there has been much concern in the town.

Whitchurch Silk Mill is part of the town’s history, culture and social fabric, and is a major visitor attraction in the South of England. As a unique working mill it attracts many people to Whitchurch who then also enjoy the town, its shops, businesses and pubs. As a production site it provides education in the art of silk weaving and offers a special insight into the process – an important part of the local area’s heritage.

The Town Council, Whitchurch History Society, Whitchurch Arts and numerous others have expressed their wish for it to remain a working mill, weaving silk. Requests for support are also being made to Basingstoke and Deane Borough and Hampshire County Councils.

There are also many others in the town who want to see the success of the Mill and wish to offer support, but are unsure how to do this.

An informal meeting has been arranged for anyone to attend.

The following has been received from local residents Lynn Parnell and Claire Isbester who are organising the meeting:

Informal Meeting in Support of Whitchurch Silk Mill
Wednesday 25th July, 7.30pm Whitchurch Parish Hall

Much interest has been generated by the recent news that Whitchurch Silk Mill is in severe financial difficulties and has already had to stop weaving silk. Many people have expressed concern about the future of the Silk Mill, which has resulted in the Town Council formally requesting continued financial support from the Borough Council and offering to help the Mill’s Trustees to ensure the long term future of the mill.
Local support and involvement will be vital in helping to understand what the Silk Mill means to local residents and businesses in terms of its impact to our sense of place and the economic prosperity of the town. It will also help to inform the Town and Borough Councils in any future decisions they make regarding support of the Silk Mill.
If you would like to offer your thoughts on what the Silk Mill means to Whitchurch and ideas for ways the local community can support its continued operation, please come to an informal meeting at the Parish Hall on Wednesday 25th July at 7.30pm.

Claire Isbester and Lynn Parnell


Please mark the date now and come along – this is an opportunity for everyone to express their views and to discuss with others the importance of this major heritage site to Whitchurch and the surrounding area.

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  • Mick Edgeworth

    Unfortunnately I cannot be at the meeting but Hampshire Mills Group feel that to downgrade the site to a ‘static’ rather than a ‘working’ will mean a lack of visitors and a general downgrade of the site. We support any means to keep it working will get our support. Being a charity ourselves we have no money to spare but if we can help by volunteering, more than we do all ready, please let me know.

  • Karen G -Young

    Over the years I have brought students to the mill from Kent and am devastated to think that yet another part of England’s heritage is about to be destroyed, I cannot think how I could personally support you but please keep me informed. I have handwoven over 60 years from thick tapestries to 100 epi silk and hoped my granddaughter training to be a barrister would one day have the Whitchurch silk. KGY

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