Surveys of visitors to the Silk Mill were conducted and their results published over the past few years.

The first set of results is from 2007 and came from a study of the Gift Aid postcodes and an exit survey of people who were visiting.

A second set of results is from a questionnaire conducted in the autumn of 2011. Visitors were asked a series of questions and their answers were grouped by category.

In addition, a selection of comments received by the Silk Mill in letters and emails was published in 2009 – you can read them HERE.


Overall, people who came to the Mill have been very pleased with many aspects ranging from the setting to the helpfulness of the staff. There was some disappointment though: some had hoped to see silkworms, and others wanted more sunshine! (don’t we all)

You can read a summary of each of the surveys in these separate articles:

Yesterday, a new set of trustees for the Silk Mill was announced – see our story on that HERE.

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