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Stephen Bryer

An Employment Tribunal has ruled that the dismissal of Stephen Bryer as General Manager of Whitchurch Silk Mill Trust last year was not wrongful and that he is not entitled to compensation.

Plot and Betrayal
The Judge at the tribunal, sitting in Southampton today (16th October), said that Mr Bryer had “facilitated a plot” to replace the Board of Trustees with other people and that his actions were a “betrayal” of the Board that employed him.

No Compensation
The Judge also said that the dismissal was unfair for a procedural reason but that no compensation was payable for that because of Mr Bryer’s behaviour.

Tried to act fairly
Keith Watts, who as the former Chairman of the Trust made the decision to dismiss Mr Bryer, said after the hearing:

We bent over backwards to include Stephen in the new team at the Mill and, when we found out what he was doing behind our backs, we took professional advice and tried our best to act fairly.”

He added:

“The decision that the Trust does not owe Mr Bryer any compensation is a vindication and we can now get on with planning the successful future of the Silk Mill.”


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