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A mother who cycled to the Tesco withdraws money from the newly operational cashpoint at Tesco Expres

Whitchurch once again has an ATM machine that is accessible 24 hours a day.

One local family who cycled to the Tesco Express on Winchester Street this afternoon spotted the hoops at the front of the car park and then the operational cash machine between the bollards.

Ironically, their transaction was registered as no.86 on the receipt, the same number as the bus route that stops just out front of the shop!


The two secure metal “hoops” at the front of the car park appear suitable to lock your bicycle to while you nip into the shop, or use the ATM next to them. There are three other secure hoops in a rack at the rear of the car park, but they appear to be for storing shop equipment.

There is also a disabled parking bay at the front of the car park, next to the (red not gold) pillar box.

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You can choose to donate money to charity using the ATM

Tesco first proposed an external ATM nearly two years ago. The current installation is based on a revised planning application from last summer.


There is an option on the ATM machine to donate money to various national charities. It is not known if local charities can be added to the list. The machine is branded with Royal Bank of Scotland logos.

The town has been without an external cashpoint since HSBC, who were claiming to be a ‘local bank’ decided to remove the machine at the Town Hall, when their lease expired last September.

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A parking bay for blue badge holders is at the front of the car park

Black steel bollards are installed around the cash machine, and there have been suggestions that they are incorporated into the town’s Community Art bollards project, to help add more colour and interest.

You can read about the removal of the HSBC cashpoint HERE.

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