Nine dwellings are planned behind this wall.

Nine dwellings are planned behind this wall on Church Street.


A “Community Consultation” was held this week (Wednesday 4th December) over plans for building a number of houses on the land adjacent to The Lawn in Church Street.

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Although no planning application has yet been submitted the owners of the The Lawn held the Consultation to provide information on their future plans. The idea is for a nine-dwelling development with access at the gate opposite Fairclose.

Access would be via the gate (right of red car).

Access would be via the gate (to the right of red car).

The area and its tall trees are currently a feature on the main access road into Whitchurch from Andover. It also adjoins the River Test.

From The Lawn website:

The Lawn, formerly home to Lord Denning, is a privately owned property in the heart of Whitchurch, Hampshire. The house is set in one of the most beautiful gardens in England with the River Test running through it providing a unique fishing experience.
The gardens are extensive and provide a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings. Accommodation is available to sleep 7 and catering can be arranged as required.

The well-known tall trees currently on the land.

The well-known tall trees currently on the land.

The Lawn is also a Grade II Listed building dating from the early 19th century, although these proposals do not directly affect the building.

Local Borough Councillor Chloe Ashfield has questioned the plans and in particular issues over “generating more traffic on a busy and dangerous part of Church Street, and to upset habitat for wildlife, loss of green space, not to mention the potential disruption to the river.”

The “Community Consultation” has also been questioned in that it was not advertised beyond very immediate neighbours.

What are your views?