The bench - now removed for repair - as it looked last summer, before it was vandalised.

Vandalism has cost the town dearly – money that could have been put towards hanging Jubilee decorations and Christmas lights on the Town Hall has had to be used to repair a popular seat that was vandalised.

PC Paula reported to the full town council meeting on 2 April 2012 that the bench between the bus shelter and the entrance to the Co-Op had been vandalised.

It was revealed at the Town Council’s development meeting on April 16, 2012 that the damage was so extensive that it had to be removed for safety reasons.

The cost of removing the bench – including cutting off the bolts that cemented it into the ground – and taking it away to fix it with new wood, repainting the crest and reinstalling it will cost the Town Council £1,095.

The estimated cost to rent a cherry picker to string up Jubilee decorations on the Town Hall this summer, and again to prepare the Christmas lights, would be about £500 each time. It is understood that the local fire engine’s ladder cannot be used to assist with this as it is against their health & safety regulations.

The total cost to put things right after the vandalism is more than the Town Council’s development budget and forced the Town Councillors to dip into reserves.

Many residents, including the elderly, used the bench. The repaired seat should be back in place soon.

This vandalism has certainly cost us all dearly indeed.

Minutes of the Town Council meetings are on their website HERE.

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  • Keith Watts

    I think we should thank the Town Councillors for their positive response to a pressing need for this important bench to be restored and replaced.

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