‘Whitchurchians’ are being invited to bring objects from around the post war period for analysis and display to the Gill Nethercott Centre on Sunday 6th May.

It may be two months away but now is the time to start thinking about searching out the attic, the back of the shed and the garage. Hunt through those dust cupboards, rummage through those storage boxes you put away years ago, pull out those old photos.

Graham Burgess is arranging the event as one of many in the town that will be marking the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The items are to be photographed and filmed and a catalogue formed.

Permission to borrow objects for display at various venues around the town will also be sought.

And there is more…

Whitchurch TimeLine RoadShowand Auction
In addition people will be asked if their objects can be put into a special display to be held at the Gill Nethercott Centre on Saturday 2nd June, which is part of the official Jubilee holiday.

This is to be called The Whitchurch Time Line Roadshow and for those interested there may also be an auction.

And more…

History of Whitchurch Film Evening
June 2nd will be full of historical interest, so mark it in the diary.
Graham is also arranging for a special movie evening,, on the History of Whitchurch, to be held from 7.30pm to 11.00pm, again in the Gill Nethercott Centre.

For details contact Graham on 01256 892837

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