School sign smWhitchurch Primary School has asked that drivers do not use Alliston Way or Daniel Road unless they are “staff, a taxi or disabled parent or child”.

They say that “traffic here making walking, scooting and cycling very dangerous”.

Park & Stride
The school has also produced a ‘Park & Stride Map’ which designated three car parks as locations where drivers could park before taking a walk to school. Routes are shown as well as estimated walking times.
These are:
Bell Street Car Park: 40+ spaces, a 9 minute walk
Church Street Car Park: 15 spaces, an 8 minute walk
Winchester Road Car Park: 20+ spaces, a 5 minute walk.

Other suggestions
For those who have to drive, as well as suggesting Park & Stride, the school also suggests:
Park on my drive – if possible ask to park on any friends’ drives near the school, then “walk in together for a sociable start to the day”, and
Lift Share – lift share with a neighbour then Park & Stride, also saving on mileage and fuel.

The map also includes an interesting ‘Did You Know?’:

Four children live 1.5 miles from their primary school. Ben walks to school, Lily scoots, Peter is driven and Maisie cycles. Which child inhales the most air pollution on their commute?
Answer below.

Future plans
Meanwhile with an increase in pupil numbers to the Primary School on the horizon, and Micheldever Road/Winchester Road being one of the town’s worse traffic spots, it is hoped that a planned new bus bay and parent drop off point as part of the planned Winchester Road development may reduce dangers in the area.


Answer: Peter