A new campaigning website has been launched by the Campaign for Real Ale in support of keeping the Harvest Home as a public house.

But this is more than saving a single pub; it’s also about maintaining the local amenities and the wider social attractions of Whitchurch that are fast disappearing.

Pubs closing
Whitchurch has now lost nearly half its pubs in the last 20 years, a trend that should be stopped if the town is maintain it’s status as welcoming place to visit complete with its friendly pub culture. At one time it was renowned as one of the best places in Hampshire for the diversity of its hostelries. In recent years the town has also lost its Sorting Office and its last Bank, and may soon even lose its only 24-hour ATM!

Comparison with Overton
CAMRA’s comparisons with nearby Overton 15 years ago showed that Whitchurch then had nearly three times the choice in traditional real ales while a survey this week showed the selection is now equal. In addition, while Whitchurch has lost the Yeoman, the Railway, the Old Brewery and the Harvest Home, Overton has not lost any pubs at all in the same period.

Campaigning for law changes
Despite this, it remains a very attractive town, but for how much longer?
CAMRA continues to campaign for changes in the planning laws to give communities a say when local amenities such as pubs and post offices are faced with closure and urges others to do the same. No one wants Whitchurch to simply become a dormitory town; its character and heritage is far too important to lose.

And another thing…
Whitchurch needs its pubs for the famous Pub Race which generates thousands of pounds in business, raises funds for local good causes, and is a great day out for both town residents and visitors!