Just one of many parties held around town…this one a bit more unusual than most…

In celebration of the Royal Wedding of William and Kate Catherine earlier in the day, a weeding party was held on the Meadow at 3pm. About a dozen volunteers raised a cheer and ripped out 20 square metres of stinging nettles!

Many people commented on the fine dresses, outfits and hats worn by the diggers, noting how well-coordinated they were with their stylist wellies!

The Rev.Kelvin Inglis was heard to exclaim, “We had nettles just like these in our garden!”

Meanwhile, just a short distance away, a gaggle of people had been poking and prodding at the ground to try to find the foundation support for the Maypole, which is to be erected and danced around on Saturday afternoon, before the crowning of the Carnival Queen at 2pm. Would you believe that it took just under 2 hours to unearth it? – a new record!