B&DBC Councillor Keith Watts told the Town Council, at their full council meeting last night, that Royal Mail is in a “totally shambolic state” in regards to local delivery and parcel pickup. The issues affect Whitchurch and Overton residents, he said.

Cllr Watts said that residents have complained to him that the local post office counter is charging people for parcel pickup, when in fact Royal Mail had agreed to waive the 50p fee for the Overton and Whitchurch branches, as a concession to the town for shutting the Whitchurch sorting office in May 2009 (see video HERE).

There have also been issues regarding misdirected mail and lack of deliveries around town, now that mail is sorted in Basingstoke, reported Keith. He said he would be launching a campaign, in conjunction with Whitchurch and Overton councillors, to raise awareness of this issue and to put pressure on Royal Mail. The campaign site will be at a resurrected ‘3rd Class Mail’ website (HERE) that was used before to try to save the sorting office.