Royal Mail HQ has written to Cllr. Keith Watts with an unreserved apology for the concern caused by the failure of the promised ‘free pick-up’ facility at the Post Offices in Whitchurch and Overton.

Cllr. Watts reported to the Town Council that the letter also said, “To confirm, the intent in 2009 was for Royal Mail to offer a ‘free to access’ local collection facility on an on going basis.”

That offer was given at the time of the closure of the Sorting Office on Church Street, in response to the Third Class Mail campaign.

The letter from Royal Mail continued, “However, the system used proved to be unreliable and so we are currently trying to find an alternative way of providing a consistent level of service which is compliant for all Royal Mail users.”

Hampshire County Councillor Tom Thacker also reported to the Town Council that he has been pursuing Royal Mail on this matter.

Other aspects of local Royal Mail such as delivery, remain in a “Totally Shambolic State” it appears – reports of missing postal deliveries, and overflowing post boxes, are being accumulated as evidence by Cllr. Watts for later presentation to Royal Mail, he reported.