Assistance for this year’s appeal is, as always, desperately needed

With the autumn nights starting to draw in the branch of the Whitchurch Royal British Legion has commenced making its annual plans for their local collection for the National Annual Poppy Appeal.

Sadly, the Legion is still very much needed by young service men and women returning from the more recent conflicts.  Young men and women returning with Combat Stress Disorder who find settling back into the life they led before very difficult.  A fearful condition that leads many to take their lives or leave loved ones despairing of the father, brother or friend they once knew.  
The British Legion has since its inauguration assisted thousands of families and ex servicemen and women. Helping to build new lives, cope with injury or depression, homing the homeless and finding jobs for the jobless. Aid to assist in the process of rebuilding hope, confidence and self esteem to those in need. The work of the Legion is continuously in demand working day and night to provide the appropriate assistance required.  The Legion is asked for help 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.  Your help ensures that a cry for help is never refused.

This year collection boxes and tins will distributed during the last week in October and collected after Tuesday 12th November. Sales of Poppies can commence upon receipt. Each collector and static collection tin will have an authorized collection card.

You can support this worthy cause in a number of ways:

  • offering counter top space in your business or shop
  • standing with a tray of poppies in a specific part of Whitchurch
  • Door to door collections
This year, the Whitchurch appeal is short of volunteers so ANY help or time you can give would be very gratefully received and Christine or Roger Lynn would be very pleased to hear from you!

Contact: Christine or Roger Lynn

01256 893072 or email:

Successfully last year the amount collected during the appeal amounted to £5479.48 and with the recent notification of the Gift Aid tax relief a further £118.88., our grand total amounted to £5,598.36p. The branch therefore wishes to thank all those who contributed either by donation or by sparing personal time in order to raise funds for the cause.

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  • Julia Lymbery

    I live in Caesars way and happy to do door to door on my estate, also do the school run so happy to sell outside school with miss peters permission, happy to seek her approval for you

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