This week has seen some road surface patching taking place along Winchester Street and Road, although some quite large holes seem to have been missed which are still causing a danger, particularly to cyclists.

However there are still several periods of road works planned on this route, with the first due this week between July 28th and 30th when Southern Water are undertaking some works just south of Great Town Bridge. Anticipated delays are described as to be “slight”.

Just a couple of days later, traffic control signals are planned on the bridge itself for single line traffic working. This period of highway improvements are planned for between August 2nd and the 13th, and Hampshire County Council say that there is likely to be “moderate impact on journey time”.

Meanwhile, later in the year at the end of October, there is to be a period of road closure in the Square, again impact being “moderate”.


Note that dates are estimated and the full period may not be used.
Information supplied from the Electronic Local Government Information Network.