How many road signs?

The town centre was a plethora of road signs this morning as Newbury Street was closed for its resurfacing.

Some drivers ignored signs
Despite the multiple signs many drivers were still trying to go up the hill but were having to be turned at The Rookery.

Several inches are being removed from the surface before the new tarmac is laid as part of Hampshire County Council’s Operation Resilience.

Resurfacing underway

Some missed their buses
Some bus passengers were also caught out as Stagecoach could not use the Station loop, although some waiting at the White Hart managed to be seen by the driver. Others who were waiting in Bell Street completely missed their bus.
“Why couldn’t Stagecoach put a notice at the bus stop” said one disgruntled passenger who was waiting in Bell Street.

The works in Newbury Street are set to continue tomorrow, while on Sunday it is believed that the stretch of London Street between the Square and Test Road may be closed (check with Council as that closure may move to the 21st). This is to allow the section outside the White Hart/Town hall to be resurfaced.

What’s missing?
Meanwhile, although the ‘official’ diversion for the Newbury Road railway bridge closure is via the A34, much traffic is using Bell Street, Bloswood Lane and the Harroway.

Has anyone noticed anything about the signage on this route at Dirty Corner?

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  • Angry Man

    > Has anyone noticed anything about the signage on this route at Dirty Corner?

    Yeap and like most people in Whitchurch am ignoring it.

    Now it is light both in the morning and evening rush hours the Bloswood Lane/Harroway route is perfectly safe as long as drivers use their noggin.

    The official routes are too much of a diversion for me especially given the high price of petrol

  • Peter D

    Looks like the spell checker ignored it too 🙂

  • Steve Wright

    One of the signs as you come off the A34 going south mentions a “Witchurch” that I’ve not been to 😉

  • Patrick

    At least they managed two ‘F’s in traffic.

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