As part of the remedial works associated with the resurfacing of Winchester Street, there are to be repairs to the underside of Great Town Bridge.

Work after midnight…

Preparatory work is planned to take place after midnight on 31st March, closing off the river and installing a temporary enclosed conduit for the River Test water to pass. This will allow contractors to reach the underside of the bridge which has been affected by corrosion from the pothole damage above.

River closed…
The river will be closed for a number of hours on the following morning while the repairs take place, which are expected to be fully completed by midday.
Those using the Town Mill Bridge at the back of the primary school may notice a rise in river levels for a short period.
The work will not affect the traffic flow along Winchester Street, nor will it inconvenience any of the adjacent properties or the Silk Mill.

The work will have a number of secondary benefits. After use, the two-way conduit will be retained to enable water fowl and other wildlife to pass through in safety without having to cross the road, which, as is known, can all too often be fatal.

Local environmental campaigners are applying for a public grant to pay for permanent installation of this feature. The conduit is also being specially signed by a local artist to assist the wildlife in keep left whilst using it. The total grant for the works and associated artworks is expected to be in the region of £9,400.

A new airy floodlit pass for wildlife…
Future plans include the installation of a webcam in this new airy floodlit passage, to record wildlife on their travels, including the otters on their way to the recently built holt at the Gill Nethercott Centre. This will link to a new website.

This weekend’s roadworks
Meanwhile details of the associated road works taking place this weekend are HERE