Young people throughout Whitchurch have been receiving news of what the next few years of their life, and perhaps even beyond will hold for them.

The future beckons…
After years of hard work and study those important A-Level results are being received. There will be whoops of joy, some deep breaths, and perhaps a few tears as envelopes are opened.
Will it be off to college, to university, into employment? These thoughts will all be swimming around in young heads today.
Meanwhile the social networking pages are buzzing with chatter, sharing hopes and aspirations.

News so far is that this year there is a small fall in the number of top grades awarded, the first time in over 20 years. There have also been some concerns over increasing tuition fees, with less applying for university places and preferring to move into the employment field, often with learning opportunities attached.

Our young people do Whitchurch proud
Whatever the decisions and choices being made, Whitchurch has a wonderful culture of responsiblity amongst its young people who do the town proud.
The Whitchurch Town Website and its team of helpers and supporters, congratulates all those who have achieved the results they had hoped for, and wishes everyone the very best for their future in ‘grown-up-life’.
It will all work out fine!

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