With leaflets being circulated, an online questionnaire produced, and further promotional events being arranged, early feedback is that many in the area are supportive of keeping the Red House alive as a public house.

Is the Red House Inn in Whitchurch worth saving?

The Red House Inn in London Street, Whitchurch, has closed for business and is up for sale. A group of Whitchurch residents have joined together to see if there is an appetite in the town for the community to buy and run the pub, which is a Grade II listed building.

Red House not Dead House picRed House not Dead House
The Red House Community Pub Group – which has adopted the slogan Red House not Dead House – has launched a survey amongst Whitchurch townspeople, and although all the results aren’t in, early indications show that there is an overwhelming desire to keep the Red House alive.

The early responses:
So far, 94% of respondents say that the Red House is worth saving as a pub, with only 5% happy to see it turned into housing. A massive 92% think that the community should raise funds to buy the pub – either now or if a new publican doesn’t step in – with 61% in favour of selling shares to the community to raise funds. It is encouraging that 78% of respondents say they would consider buying shares.

Red HouseCommunity fears
The Red House closed for business in October. Three houses are being built in the car park and the pub and part of the garden are for sale as a pub. The fear is that if a buyer cannot be found for the Red House, which has fallen into disrepair, it will be sold for development into housing.

Skills and advice
The Red House Community Pub Group has already brought together many who have essential skills in putting together a Business Plan for the pub’s future, dependent on the wishes of the community. In addition professional advice has been offered from the renowned Plunkett Foundation who provide funding and support for community ventures.

Visit the Red House Community Pub Group’s website www.rednotdeadhouse.co.uk or follow the group on Facebook by searching for Red not Dead House.

More information
Members of the Group will also be available at several of the events during Saturday’s Christmas Lights Day (1st December) – they will be more than willing to chat and provide further information.

A photoshoot is also to be held on Saturday at 12noon.
All are welcome to come along to the Red House and to show support.