Whitchurch has a very strong music tradition from festivals and concerts to open pub sessions for all.
Rock, classical, folk, – it is all to be found, but one style that has much support but remains beneath mainstream public perception is ‘rap’.
In Whitchurch it has a good following and some excellent artists.
However you view this music form, which crosses spoken word, prose, poetry and song, it is difficult not to be moved by this latest Whitchurch produced music video…

A tribute to Gavin Kirby.

Which brings us to “Broken”
– a song recorded and filmed in Whitchurch by Ben Van Rensburg and Craig Davison as a tribute to a dear friend who’s life tragically ended much too soon, Gavin Kirby.

Gavin was a keen local skater and enjoyed sports for which he had a ridiculous amount of talent enabling him to pick things up and get good at them extremely quickly.
At the time of his passing in 2002, skating was the big ‘in’ thing in the UK and Gav often helped the younger and less talented skaters to skate, both by encouraging them and teaching them practically.

Ben Van Rensburg

Ben explains: “He had a heart of gold and was extremely popular, always had time to listen to people’s problems and loved to spend time with his friends all of whom were absolutely devastated when he died.”

Craig Davison

Craig was asked if he would like to do an up to date song and video and he jumped at the suggestion, asking Ben to also feature on the track.

Ben says: “He was the first person I ever rapped in front of (about ten years ago now) and if it hadn’t been for his kind words and encouragement I would never have kept going and got to where I am now!”

Spend just five minutes
Have a listen – take in the words, the feelings the emotions.
Whether you like rap or not, and as Ben explains it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, you cannot fail to be moved.

And the music continues…
At the moment Ben Van Rensburg is working with London-based producer Danny Kirsch who works with artists such as Gareth Gates, Charlotte Church and Suzanne Shaw, and Russian-based producer Rudenko who had a top 30 UK hit in 2009 titled ‘Everybody’. Ben hopes to release some new material fairly soon.

Meanwhile the Whitchurch music scene thrives. It’s not often raw talent like this is seen, but when it occasionally raises itself above the surface, the creativity can be a refreshing boost.

Comments (4)

  • Flower

    A beautiful soulful sensitive rap song. I don’t know you but I am very proud of you.
    Well Done x

  • Les Jordan

    Deeply moving!

  • Clare Gould

    I just listened to this properly and it is amazing, such a moving tribute

  • Jon Wiltshire

    very deep, really good tribute Craig, big up 2 u and Ben mate, such a good vibe , brings back memorys of our best mate Gav (r.i.p bro)…. I remember making a song with Ben v shortly after gav passed away, it had rain coming down and a hip hop beat, i said a lot of things like what you and ben were saying…. would be cool if Ben could find it and show me, he rapped on it 2, deeply moved by your song, well done guys keep it up

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