Has summer arrived? We certainly hope so.

Hottest day of the year
Today was the warmest day of the year for Whitchurch so far, with a high of 27.6°C recorded at just past 5.00pm. It has made adding stories and news to the town website hard work, when the outdoors and a pleasant cycle ride or walk into the countryside beckons! But the day is not over and little can beat a warm evening sitting in a pleasant local pub garden.

Special precautions
But remember with the warm weather there are some special precautions that should be taken – drink lots, cover bare skin, wear a hat, don’t leave dogs in cars, and so on.
Remember too that children and babies are especially vulnerable and that heat stroke can come on very rapidly.

It looks as if we will be having several days of this nice weather, so there is a great chance to enjoy it – sensibly.

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