Some of the conditions imposed by B&DBC on the developer of the temporary car park at the site of the demolished Railway Pub were found to be in non-compliance – the developer was supposed to have completed certain works by December 13, 2010.

Inspectors visit site
Inspectors from B&DBC visited the site a few times in January and instructed the developer to comply with the conditions by this Friday. On Monday, the developer fenced off part of the temporary car park and began work on the tree containers and disabled parking bays – two of the conditions found to be in non-compliance.

Broken machines
In an unrelated matter, there have been reports that the ticket machines have been broken on many occasions, forcing people to put notes in their car’s windscreen stating so. That didn’t stop a privately-run parking enforcement company issuing parking tickets to many of the cars on the lot one day earlier this month.

One affected car owner, who posted a note about the situation on a local bulletin board, said, “What a bunch of money grabbing rogues they are…..”. He continued, “[My wife] returned back to the car late tonight (January 14) to find a parking fee to the value of £100 on the windscreen!!!”

Unenforceable parking tickets
The consumer site, says (here) that parking tickets issued by private companies are often unenforceable. Suggesting, “Don’t pay it…If you’ve had a ticket you believe is unjust, as is ridiculously common, don’t worry, you can fight it… It’s not the ability of private companies to issue tickets in itself that’s a problem, more the almost entirely unregulated, unstructured system which puts unnecessary power in potentially unscrupulous hands.”